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We depend on your support.

We depend on your support to keep this organization alive and vibrant, as well as ensuring that our community arts programs are exciting and embraced.

CTAC’s main programs are: CTAC Live Concert Series, Art Education in Schools, Arts Explosion, and the Art Gallery. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we look forward to continuing to bring ART into YOUR community!

“72% of American believe the ARTS unify us regardless of age, race, or ethnicity.”Americans for the Arts



Individual support of our members both through financial giving and volunteerism is the backbone of the Chisholm Trail Arts Council.



Comes with perks….get free tickets to a Lawton Philharmonic and Duncan Little Theatre, in addition to season tickets for CTAC Live!

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Want your ad to appear in CTAC Live concert programs? Purchase an ad space and support CTAC today.

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National Endowment for the Arts
Oklahoma Arts Council
McCasland Foundation
Duncan Regional Hospital
Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation