CTAC Live – Eleanor Dubinsky Quartet

Sponsored by Bank of Commerce

Vocalist, cellist and guitarist Eleanor Dubinsky’s music is an engaging blend of multi-lingual jazz, singer-songwriter and catchy pop music met with emotionally forthright songwriting.

Singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, her live performances bring spirit and energy together with emotional sensitivity, rhythms and grooves. Eleanor and her world-class band invite audiences to dance, sing, clap and reflect. Each concert is an opportunity to travel the world while discovering underground tributaries that connect us in our shared human experience. In the words of journalist Tom Pryor, expect “a joyous, uplifting and deeply generous performance…this is music as medicine for your soul.”

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Dec 08 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Simmons Center Theater
Simmons Center Theater, Duncan OK